Self Portrait Designer Dress Suggestion

Self Portrait Dresses are very popular for this season. Self-Portrait is by far my favorite designer brand when it comes to dresses. Although I already own a couple of dresses from Self-Portrait, this has to be my favorite in my little collection so far. There is just something about the color and the shape of this dress that makes me feel good in my own skin, and confident while wearing it. And isn’t that the ultimate goal of any outfit?


Self-Portrait 3d Floral Mini Dress

The designer dress I am showing you today is the Self-Portrait 3D Floral Mini dress that you can buy from the Self Portrait sale online. Honestly, this dress checks all the perfect dress boxes that exist for me. First, it has the most flattering silhouette: It is a long sleeved mini dress with a crew neckline, and close cut body con fit. This is my favorite type of fit, because it makes you feel sexy, but it does not look trashy or cheap, because it has a slightly looser body con fit, and the longer sleeves. Second, I love the color of this dress. Baby blue always makes me look very fresh and awake, and brings out the blue in my eyes. Finally, I am pretty much obsessed with any broderie anglaise or lace type of dress. Self-Portrait is well-known for their high quality materials, so the baby blue 3D guipure lace and dot mesh material on this dress looks absolutely stunning.


Furthermore, I like about this dress is that it comes with a separate nude slip lining to highlight the intricate details of the lace. I have always had a soft spot for these “transparant” type of dresses, because they remind me of my time as a figure skater. Another positive thing about the separate nude slip is that you actually get two dresses in one. The nude slip is super practical to use with any other see-through dresses you have in your wardrobe. In general, I prefer dresses that have “separate” layers, because they tend to not ride up your legs as much (yes, that’s a real issue over here).


The story of this dress makes it even more feel like it was meant to be. I was actually eyeing up this dress for months now. However, it was far out of my budget – unfortunately Self-Portrait is not the type of brand you can splurge on that easily. When I finally saved up enough money in the Self Portrait Dress Sale store, it was not available in my size anymore. Doesn’t that always happen? Anyway, I completely forgot about this dress, until I saw it on sale at the Intermix store in Georgetown, Washington DC. Not only was this dress discounted during the Black Friday Sale, they also had it in my size! Of course I immediately tried it on and it fitted like a glove. Still, a couple months later, I can safely say that this is by far my favorite Self-Portrait dress, and probably my favorite dress in general that I own. I would wholeheartedly recommend this brand, and in particular this designer dress!


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